Why We’re Different

The number of people who have stayed loyal to Simply Natural made me question what influences people to come to our health store rather than let’s say Vitamin Shoppe, GNC or Industry giant “Whole Foods”? I mean these are multimillion dollar companies! But still yet we have an almost spiritual like appeal to people who want to improve their health and over all wellness! I think what makes us different is our knowledge of how the body works coupled by and extensive knowledge and understanding of how vitamins and supplements help the body to help itself ! I mean I have seen people walk in with the diseases that I can hardly pronounce! and yet we have someone on our team that has studied up on it and canmake the appropriate recommendations. Richard and Sharooz Pearl are vitamin and supplement gurus !

If you want to know healthy living takes a seat and be enlightened by a culmination of over 50 years of experience between them !Sharooz Pearl Richards wife is a Bach Lover Practitioner and an Iridologist; Richard is a Stock Broker turned health nut. They both started selling supplements out of their closet at home and at the local Swap Shop, until they decided to open their own store. 20 years later they are still in the same place doing what they do best !help people find wellness !
One of the things that Simply Natural prides themselves by is the guest like atmosphere in the store along with one on one consultation for every customer that walks in the door. Whether its weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, cancer or heart issues, you get the expert treatment every time you come into the store !